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About This Course!

Allow The God In You Direct Your Life is an innovative online course that combines the art of filmmaking with the science of goal achievement. This unique program teaches participants how to effectively set and achieve their goals using the same step-by-step process employed in making a movie. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey that will unleash your creativity and propel you towards success. While also embracing the God in you!


Led by renowned filmmaker and experienced life coach, Larrina Jefferson, this quick simple course takes you on an exciting exploration of goal achievement through the lens of filmmaking. Larrina Jefferson's expertise in both fields ensures a comprehensive and engaging learning experience that seamlessly integrates theory and practice.


Participants will discover how to:

1. Craft a captivating "goal script" - Learn the art of goal-setting by creating a clear and inspiring vision for your life.

2. Develop a strategic action plan - Transform your goals into actionable steps, just as a filmmaker creates a production plan for shooting a movie.

3. Assemble your dream cast and crew - Surround yourself with a supportive network of like-minded individuals who will help you achieve your goals.

4. Overcome obstacles and rewrite the script - Learn effective problem-solving techniques to navigate challenges and adapt your goals when necessary.

5. Film your success story - Celebrate milestones and document your progress, just as a filmmaker captures scenes that contribute to the overall narrative.

What Will Students Learn In This Course?

1. Understanding The Importance Of Setting Clear & Specific Goals:
This Will Help With Having A Clear Direction.

2. Developing Effective Goal-Planning Strategies:
Break-down Your Long Term Goals Into Small Manageable Steps.

3. Enhancing Self-Motivation & Perseverance:
Embracing The God In You!

4. Improving Time- Management & Productive Skills.

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