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Yes Yes Yal!

Jumping right in, but can't stop to thank you for clicking the link and reading my blog.

So we are 50 days away from 2020. Just let that sink in.

That's major guys! Major!

It is so much going on during this time of the year, from Halloween kicking off the holiday spirit to NFL Sunday Night football that has these fine states across America on a hook!

I just love the high energy this time of the year brings!

With that being said it can very well be easy to lose track of time, goals, and purpose. I mean, I could be reaching but I'm hitting on something. It seems as if we and I mean (us-everyone) gets caught up! Either with the holiday shopping, party planning, traveling, working extra hours to shop, party, and travel. You are busy. Even if you are just the average person like myself who will just be movie watching while eating cookies and drinking egg-nog/ online shopping, you are busy! Thinking of 2020 but not really thinking of 2020.

Instead after the third day of Christmas we sing OMG, what am I going to do?

Where did I fall off? What can I change, and how do I start?

Am I lying? Everyone is reminded of the other simple things in life called

purpose and direction. People just begin to make plans! Then boom,2020!

So many people demonstrate passion and ambition for goals they intended to keep the previous year or even set out for bigger and better! Which I also love because it is never too late plus many people see results in which they can keep up with. However in other (most) cases, if not repeated or lack of interest creeps in, its over. No true results. Blame it on life!

I believe if we were to take the time to be reminded that the end of the year is just as important as the beginning of the year. Of course embracing family and friends during the holidays but extending the self-love, purpose, drive, and direction for your personal life. Making the list of plans now. With that you will see that the top of 2020 wont be so hard of getting in the groove. Even allowing you to expand your goals which comes form a place of life and practice not dormant. It will be beautiful! Staying ready so you don't have to get ready.

I am personally making a list and getting to it now.

So many current and new things on the list, I can't leave nothing out.

I feel blessed to be here and to also share my thoughts.

I hope this blog would be a reminder to all of you loves! I love you all!

Thank you again for stopping by

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