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Before The Summer Finally Ends...

Hello beautiful people!

Pleased to have you here with me.

I’m hoping everyone has been enjoying their summer!

Enjoying the time to embrace the sun and fun.

I absolutely love the summer, minus the bugs.

I get to wear my flip flops with out looking silly.

(I’m always wearing flops).

I get to embrace the summer energy in the streets.

No school traffic! Driving is way better. (ESP in LA)!

Summer BBQ is poppin, having the air smell like...

Home sweet home! (North Carolina)

I just love the summer!

Even when I was kid, I would love the summer!

School would be out, I could sleep in late.

I wouldn’t have to worry about homework.

Pop quizzes or test! Complete FREEDOM!


The only problem with this is, not having the practice of discipline.

A lack of a proper balanced routine.

It is so easy to become lazy, and not want to do anything but

run around & relax by the pool or beach.

However we all know something, we are all pushed back into the rush.

We forget it only my requires a simple system, a routine.

So my advice and whole point of this blog is to prepare!

Get back into swing of having a balanced routine of discipline.

A stress- free life begins with order.

A schedule. Plan then execute!

Create a routine that works for you!

You will find getting back on a balanced routine...

won’t be as hard post summer!

Thank yal for reading!

Love you all,

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