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Can't Clean Dishes In A Dirty Sink!

Whats up loves,

As always thank you for being here.

If you are new here, I welcome you!

I am so thrilled to finally put this title to good use.

I have had the idea of this topic for a while now.

I played with so many scenarios with this topic, I'm so glad I waited.

Being that we are now in a pandemic where the parts of the world bit by bit was shut down. Only now to be prematurely opening back up while still in chaos.

I hope the title speaks volumes to this crisis!

"We cant clean dishes in a dirty sink!"

I want to expand more with a literal example...

Before I do my dishes, I have to clean my sink!

There is no way I will place my clean dishes in a sink that is dirty!

The process in cleaning the sink is simple and very effective, also much easier to do while empty. I mean sure you can "clean" the sink wile things are in it, yet how effective will that clean actually be?

You will only get the dishes dirty again "if washing in a dirty sink.

It's almost no point, It's a waste of time!

So let's bring this to tie with the pandemic with Covid-19.

We are doing a good job with keeping the sink clean (staying home "quarantine & chill")

We are practicing social distancing, and wearing mask with gloves.

Just overall protection.

I feel as if all public things and places should be sanitized.

We should be reassured that our health is not in danger by reopening up the country.

I do understand that it has tremendously impacted everyone in a way where getting back to the real normal is so needed and longed for.

I also understand that just like a clean dish being washed in a dirty sink then causing it to be dirty. Our health can be affected by the dirty and toxic air and atmosphere of being in the public and or just catching wind to the virus itself.

I know its terrible to think like that, yet common sense ain't common. I would hope we as people could still wait out and heal those who need healing now. Not get more people sick and try to heal everyone then. It's a waist of time! I am still in shock with those protesting hair cuts and shit. It's so disrespectful, like a slap in the face to those with lost a loved one due to the virus. It's ignoring those who actually died.

So my request is that we all still keep the social distance in effect.

We still wear the mask with gloves in public, don't slip up.

We still limit the places we go, keep it simple only what your need!

Wash your hands, sanitize your hands, & keep them clean!

The rest you know, yal grown.

Lets remember to keep out sinks clean, dishes too & all will be well!

Until next time,


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