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Hello Loves,

As always thank you so much for reading my blog.

I like to take a moment and express how much I love walking into a clean environment. It's so warm and inviting and always seems to bring a peace feeling along with it. As a young girl I have always watched my mom clean and keep a clean home. It was known to even her friends how clean she was, they would say "girl I could eat off your floor". To me, it was normal to feel and be aware of how clean and peaceful a home could be. Now I'm not the cleanest person, I must say. I mean really I'm not it was a struggle sometimes and even still, However...

I quickly learned by visiting other people's homes that not everyone was clean. Not just by noticing the mess but by feeling "yucky". It was the opposite of inviting despite how friendly the person actually was. It had me to start thinking of how much clean vibes matter in regards of positivity. Positive vibes are clean vibes!

You can find a pattern in "clean vibes" in many places. Religion, culture, energy, and more!

I do feel as if it is important to keep everything you own or rent clean. It represents gratitude which will only in fact bring you more to be grateful for!

SIDE NOTE: You cannot expect to receive anything else if you are not grateful and love what you already have. PERIOD. I want to emphasize the period.

Things To Keep In Mind To Help Maintain Clean Vibes!

1. Body (Face, Upper and Lower Body, to your feet) Don't' forget your ears and floss!

2. Your Car (Front seat and console, back seat and trunk) Don;t forget the outside!

3. Your Home (All room, common area, your laundry room if you have one,outside) Don't forget the toilets, sinks, baseboards, walls, stove-tops, floors, and more)

4. Your Office (Desk, drawers, calendar, emails, notes, etc...

5. Your MIND! (positive or negative thoughts!) Regulate those meaning accept and deny.

That's a short list of my thoughts and personal routines I incorporate in my life. I think someone could possibly benefit from it. One more thing to keep in mind which I'm really starting to do is also keep your wallet and or purse clean! Where ever you keep your money make sure its surroundings is clean and organized.

I'm gonna leave it here, I want to make sure those who read stay with me! I love to leave you with LOVe, PEACe, and LOVe! Until next time!

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