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Fresh Energy!

Hello loves,

I am so glad you are here! I promise I will make this read short and sweet.

There comes a time in life where old things must die and new things begin.

For the record things is energy, everything is everything.

Old energy must be cleared every so often. Nothing is nothing around that.

Take a few examples for choice: old shoes that are outgrown or outworn, old spaces of living that no longer fits current lifestyle, old habits that no longer work best for the new and improved you. All old must go.

There is so much beauty in this process that also comes with possible negativity.

You will be surprised how difficult it may be to let go of things that no longer serve you.

Even if letting go means the opportunity of more good things to happen.

When having some attachments whether small or big to something or even someone it could be hard to let go and "let God". Things are not the only thing people can hoard.

People can hoard people, thoughts, habits, actions, and more. All these things can take up so much space, the space that is waiting for new energy.

If you are in a situation where you don't want to be. In the company in which you don't want to keep. If you are having bad thoughts more than good ones. You need to clear out all the old energy. I have a free detox worksheet to help give a jump start on this if you need an extra boost. I think it will be a good look for those who need to beging cleaing out the old energy.

Once you allow the old energies to leave your life, what is not longer serving you for your highest good. You are allowing new energy to enter and take over! The excitement and fulfilling pleasure of FRESH new energy is always needed in life! This should never be overlooked or mistakenly forgotten. So my advice is to go for it! Start that new zest of


Until next time!


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