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Getting Hitched In 2020!

Hey Loves,

As always thank you for reading my blog.

I am so thrilled to be here writing as a new woman.

As of 8/1/20 I married my best friend Brandon Jefferson.

Words cant describe how thankful I am to be his wife.

Both of our lives has journeyed us to each other.

We are thrilled to share life together, we are the perfect Fit.

Now lets talk getting hitched!

More specifically getting hitched in 2020.

I will share our story in hopes that some couple can still put their best effort in to also if intended get hitched this year,

or just be inspired to plan in general.

Now our original plan was to get married In June,

I along with so many other woman wanted to be a June Bride.

However with Covid 19, plans had to change.

Most couples had postpone until further notice.

With my family being located on the east coast while we

(Brandon and I ) live in Los Angeles, Ca, we

didn't know exactly what the new date would be.

Though we knew we wanted the date to be sooner than later,

we were extremely anxious to make what is now our marriage happen!


  1. We picked a new date. (Simple enough yet hard, we picked one) then that date changed twice. So start with picking and then keep that date!

  2. We kept the ceremony guest list small! (we only had 13 guest including us and the pastor.) We practiced social distance- every chair was 6 feet apart from each other.

  3. We zoomed it! (this was such a beautiful experience for us, it worked out perfect.) People such as grandma, father, brother who were not able to make it, was front and center.) By the way, my mother still got on that plane to see me walk! She said "chile please" I with God plus shout out to #southwest with the no middle seat.

  4. No bridal party... The maid of honor was my girl Claudia and he had a best man, Tim.


We were lucky to pull things virtually off with the help of #Facebook, #Zola,

and as mentioned #zoom.

We had a private group on facebook to help gather info from our guest.

Zola help us build our registry & website to RSVP our wedding. It was great!

We could not have been more blessed to have had a team of family angles

put together everything for us for our physical ceremony.

I was on the start to plan my wedding myself then the best Lisa Duvernay

there is, swept in and took over!

She is the BEST wedding coordinator ever!

The experience then became a dream.

We were also blessed from the gate to have our wedding

hosted at my family's home. My aunt and uncle were the best

of host and made sure we had the most absolute perfect wedding!

Forever grateful!

My hair, and make up were both done by the marvelous Juliette Jeffers,

(my sister/friend/auntie) she came through clutch as always!

My auntie Allison who hosted my bridal "bachelorette" party with my mom was the reason

anyone was able to watch on zoom- she know she the bomb!

Lastly the beautiful images you see were captured by my amazingly talented friend/celebrity photographer Charrita Nelson. As a bride having her close on the big day, is game changer!

Let her transform you too,

I mean, I could write so much about this day!


So for now..

To sign it off, I just want to say so much can be done to make your day real!

You don't even need even half of what we did. Do it your way!

We kept it simple with only having cake and a champagne toast after.

For us it was absolutely perfect especially with our zoom guest involved.

We did sneak in a first dance with a few others, none the less we kept it simple.

I am so happy, I do believe more blogs about my big day and

marriage in general will be coming! Until then stay tuned.

Subscribe if you haven't already. and wait for the pop up.

I love love you all!

Love & Light!

Mrs. Jefferson

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