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It's Still New, Keep It Fresh!

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Hey Loves, as always thank you for reading... :)

I am here writing this blog post as a reminder. A reminder to "Keep it Fresh".

Keep what Fresh you might ask? Your year! Your Life! Your direction of thinking and movement. If you read my previous post, I talked about the new year and its resolutions. Many of us deiced to take a stab and new goals and aspirations. Its the best feeling ever, like getting new fresh shoes! With that being said, once you get blessed with this new set of shoes ( goals and dreams) you want to protect them. You want to maintain the "newness" of them.

Now I want to focus on shoes being an example to my point, only because I feel some could really relate. Speaking for myself I know the feeling of keeping something new- anything new can come with a lot of emotion. You are proud, you are happy, and could also on the flip side be nervous all at the same time. So when applying this example to life, you can come into the new year with prideful expectations, happy emotions,and overwhelming nerves. All completely natural. It's just important to maintain your highest expectations that you have for yourself. Your new year is in the control of you! Only you can keep it fresh!

Now going back to my shoe example... has anyone ever stepped on your fresh brand-new pair of shoes/sneakers? Like completely disrespected your feet by not looking where they were going or even worse doing it on purpose. Oh my gosh, well let me tell you it has happened to me. Someone tried it, someone tried to try me. However I instantly wiped my sneakers down and wore them just as if that never happened. To focus on the step and to allow anyone to ruin my "fresh shoes"- my life was totally not an option. I had to be able to keep it fresh!

We are 11 days into the brand new year! If you find your year being stepped on.. don't worry just commence a wipe down, and remember it is still Fresh!

Until next time,


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