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Karma Keeps The Change!

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

What is up loves, it has been a while. There is so much going on in the world!

I want to keep this post short, sweet, and funky as possible.

One thing before I begin to go into my topic, I want to address a topic that I will expand on in my next blog. Voting. If you are not registered to vote yet, please stop reading this and head on over to to register so you can vote in this upcoming election.

Now that we are all registered and good to go I would love to bring up what we all know as karma. Karma can be defined as destiny or fate, following as effect from cause. So what you put out, is what given back to you. Simple definition which we all may say we might have experienced personally. I would love for you to think of an example of your life where you experienced karma!

Now I want to make Karma a woman. She can be sweet, or she can be the complete opposite very mean. One thing regardless of how she treats you is what she holds for you. your change! She saves the change from every deposit. I want you to think literal.

Think of yourself putting money to the universe to get something back in return. Depending on how high the frequency is when give you may have change. In fact you always have change. Your change could be a small amount or big amount, you have it. Well in fact Karma holds it for you. She loves to save your change and share it back with where she sees fit.

As mentioned depending on what or how you deposit your thoughts and actions into the world, karma shares with you. Sometimes it may take her a while to share, sometimes due to your vibration or action she can share much sooner, good or bad. You want to keep in mind that you will in fact see the change you are missing with each action or thought. You are the only one responsible for your change so choose with wisely. Karma can be your best asset or your worst mistake, its totally up to you.

Why not allow Karma to pay you back in your best interest.

Until next time!

I love you all!

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