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I am so grateful to be here, writing this post. I mean so much has been going on and events and such has taken place, yet I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Which leads me to say: "Let the games begin!"

Many of times we "people" will wait for something to happen for us to make things happen. When in actually we have to make things happen in order for the things to really happen. For example someone might be "waiting" on a call that is very important. Let's say it was never discussed who was going to call who, you just know the call was going to take place. Now you are currently mind jacking yourself about this call when all you have to do is call. However we wait, and wait until that person either remembers to call or finally does but at a bad time for you. Now with that being said I totally understand patience and the importance of not bugging someone, but you make it happen. Make the call!

If your still with me I would love to change the direction. I would love to focus on how the title is at play here. By definition Games: a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck. So lets just say your life is a game, a good one. You are a team as itself! So who is going to win here? You! You are going to win the game of Life! & I must tell you, you have to believe that! If you don't, it will not work for you. Your game of life will not work for you! By design you are made to win! Win! Win! Win! (like J rock)- lol!

I will wrap this up by saying Life is not a game and you should not treat it as if it is one. You should however win your life and live as if you have a winning Life!

That's all for now. I truly thank you for reading and or sharing if you do.

Love, peace, ad wholeness to you all!

Until next time!


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