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Greettings Loves!

As always thank you for taking the time to read my blog! So happy to be here and share a few thoughts before the new year! This is the last Sunday of the year (December 30th, 2018) & my day has been pretty eventful. I have been in the process of clearing and organizing all of my things, from the house, car to storage. It has been clean up time!! If its not working for me especially for my highest good I tossed it. I realize that I need all the space in the word to bring in nothing but the best. I knew that in order for more good to come in my life, I must make room for it. Also as most people "take on this challenge" what other best time to get your life together than the NEW YEAR. It is the time to write out the list of goals and dreams. This is the time to lay it out. This is the time to make up your mind what the deal is.

Deal? Well according to the webster's dictionary. Deal can mean a lot of things, but for my purpose I will like to highlight two definitions. One being, "an agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit, especially in a business or political context."

Two being, "take measures concerning (someone or something), especially with the intention of putting something right."

I would like to explain in my own words how we can take these definitions and use them to govern how we handle our own lives.

It is up to us to have a conversation with the one and true source. To go deep down inside and begin a journey only ourselves can take. We have to make up in our minds the type of "contract, plan, layout and such" we are going to have. We construct the deal. How things will go, when and where! Example: The teacher has a lesson plan for all the information needed for the "year". From the beginning to the end, every lesson is already mapped out. Each experience will still have to be played out. The way of teaching may be developed as you handle each "piece of info" but the layout-plan is the same nonetheless. It laid. So if anything occurs where something could be "distracting" you have a reference guide on how to get back on track. Your layout!

It's my plan to circle back on this topic. It is now brand new year! Yes January 1st. So much to get, see and BE this year! With that being said, I want to do my part in making sure we are all going up and to the top! (side bar) I wonder if you guys can notice where I stopped writing the first half of this blog. lol Serious Tip: If you have any goals and or dreams you know you want to accomplish. Write them down, share them even, most of all make it happen. Believe you can make it happen!!

Until next time loves!

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