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Whats up loves,

Lovely to be here, thank you as always for be here with me.

I want to start off with a tiny back story which I never do but why not...

I love having this platform to write and express my thoughts knowing I'm connecting with people all over the world. Just being able to check my analytics provided from my website and noticing people from all over checking in. From France, Belgium, Ireland (Ive seen this a few times & made my day),Germany, and of course scattered states of the United States; I am humbled.


Getting to it..

I don't quite have the following and recognition yet as a writer/blogger yet, though I have been here in terms of an online presence for quite a while now. I realize however it is a mixture of things. Mostly things of my control such as consistency, confidence of work and self, and self discipline. That played a huge part in what I call my latest metamorphosis or better yet my "chrysalis" which is the term to describe a butterfly emerging from the cocoon.

Taking matter in my own hands. Growing and glowing as God intended. Naturally.


I say all that to bring us here..

To live how you want in life requires no tricks. Just focus, consistency and self discipline. Along with other things of course yet, you have what it takes. You naturally have what it takes. You don't need to acquire anything or anyone rather than your internal being. You have exactly what it takes with no tricks needed! In other words your batteries are included. You don't need much but to operate as is and you will be fine. Adjust of the mind with the focus at hand is the most important.


I also think sometimes...

We as people wait for extra confirmation to move forward on something even if promised.

Now why is that I wonder? Could it be based off experience of setbacks and disappoints or even the lack of opportunists overall. Either way, we should just go for it. Fresh each time, each go around, ever try!No hesitation, no second guessing just trusting instincts! No tricks baby!


Now how to push forward...

Closing with this, "Just be and do. Have your self-check in after any influence of others or things. Tell yourself you are right! Believe in yourself and see your self as your highest self. You might be amazed at the "magic" you will create."

Until next time...


Love you all,


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