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Whats up loves,

Thank you for being here. I have been meaning to write this blog since the Covid 19 virus has become a global pandemic. It's wild out here, scary and very sad. I want to take a moment of silence for all those who has recently passed away do to the virus. (count of 10)

I also want to uplift and pray for those who are now affected with the virus, may you recover and begin healing.


Lets begin:

I want to point out the obvious, now is the time! The time you've been waiting for is right now! You have the power to get your life! In order for certain things to properly function as they should (as you want), a cleanse is needed.

Think of SAGE. Sage is a herb "a plant" that can be dried and used for many beneficial health reasons. You can even cook with it. In the spirit traditions of sage, it is burned and used to clear negative energy. It is also proved scientifically to clean the bacteria in the air up to 94%. That's major! So lets take that same info and use it for our visual about ourselves!

Your mind, body, and soul "spirit" are all that makes of you. It is your job to keep all of you clean! What happens sometimes as humans we tend to just focus on keeping our bodies clean. We then if conscious remember to clean minds and or spirit. However how constant is this cleaning really? Not only how constant but how effective is this cleaning?

There is are different types of cleaning.

Let's break this down quickly in the categorizes of the 3 little pigs:"persons"

P1. Cleans just the surface (bare minimum -quick wash)

P2. Cleans just a tad bit more (some effort- may leave a few spots)

P3. Cleans the top, bottom, side to side (deep clean- most effective)

So depending on the type of clean that you are & how constant you actually clean,

will in fact effect your overall being.

Keeping in mind this applies to all three areas of what makes of you. (mind, body, and soul)

A lot right? Still wit me? I hope so, I want to dig a tad deeper.


Sometimes depending on where you are in your life keeping all of you clean and collected can be heavy and difficult to manage. You may be going through something in your life where it is effecting your mind or effecting your soul "Vibe". Let's pick up the word vibe for a while; while we are here. Your vibe can be off due to one area in your life that is not aligned. You can be a HOTTIE appearance wise (lady or gent) but if your mind or spirit is not aligned, your not that hot after all. Right? I am blessed to know plenty of attractive & beautiful people (I think everyone is btw) however in discussions never is there someone to always feel the beauty of their appearance, in fact some people can feel the opposite of that. I simply believe it is because we are the whole deal. I believe the soul is the real gem of the bundle. Why I think that? You can feel who you really are even you don't look it.

(that's just me though)

I also say that because they was a time in my life where I thought I was ugly (like the ugliest)

I struggled with acne that came with marks. Then I even struggled weight issues, I felt gross.

Even if people gave compliments, I could not feel it. I taunted my mind, and filled my vibe with my hate towards myself. I wanted better, deep down I really loved myself!

I didn't see any real changes "results" until I finally decided to do a deep cleanse.

I had to SAGE MY LIFE"! "I said pass the sage please!""Where is the match to light it?"

What does that mean exactly? I took it upon myself to work on ALL OF ME. Mind, body, and soul. I begin to read positive books, watch videos, write in my journal. I began to pray and started to meditate for the first time. I began to work out, I was always in the gym. I cut back on my food portions and was more conscious of what I was eating. I cut ties with people I needed to cut ties with. I cut out bad habits. I was did everything I could possibly to do. Now it was not cake walk. Some habits died later than others so I know it can be a lot at first depending on how you look at it. Especially if you were doing absolutely nothing and doing the very opposite of growing. However having the right attitude and discipline you can make it a habit that tuns into a lifestyle. It's so worth it.

So my point is I first felt it , in my spirit to get my life!

Then I made it up in my mind, which controls my body & Boom! It was in full effect.

I got rid of what I need to get rid of (fat, bad energy, terrible people, old memories, etc)

I was able to gain (muscle, good energy, great people, new memories, plus new habits).

This is what happens when you sage your life!


I will leave with a few tips to help you jump start you clean! Sage time!

1.Make up your mind, you have to decided. ( I want better)!

2. Clean your mind- pray for release, ignore bad thoughts (no replays!) and start affirming!

(I am love, I am one of kind, I am here for a reason, I am a winner, I am blessed, etc)

3. Focus on your breathing, when is the last time you really closed your eyes and exhaled?

(Do it now, take a deep breath from your tummy and breathe out, then repeat twice).

4. Start stretching if you are not already. Loosen up your body, did you know stress can live in your body? (Touch your toes real quick, hold it, then release, stand up & get a neck roll in)

5. Cut them off! Like why are you still talking to them? Throw the deuces,( text them bye if you want or just erase & block the number) Save your energy!

6. Move! Is your environment the problem? It can happen Pack up and never look back. Do you go back to the car seat you used when you were a baby? No, you outgrown it. Simple.

7. Set goals! I'm talking REAL goals, small and big. Have fun creating. Give yourself something to look forward to. It is possible, do it! Do it!


I want to leave on the best positive note I can.

I believe in you, I know you can do whatever you put your mind to.

I want to give a huge shout out to all those who are still working. All the essential workers, you are so loved and beyond appreciated. Thank you so much- blessings to you all!

Also please free to visit my site for more life tools, I have a detox worksheet that is great for the mind. I also have a daily affirmation tool that you can use in your everyday routine.

I love you all, we will get through this, keep your "sage" close.

Until next time,

Loveallbyla "La"

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