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Staying ON Track!

Hey Loves,

It's been a while, happy to be back writing yet another blog. I aim to uplift and encourage all those still on track, or just need a little bump (boost) back on the track of your 2019 goals.

So, where are we? We are in mid March! March 15th to be exact- shout out to mama it is her birthday! Whoop! Anyways it's mid March and our goals are still in place! Yes! Now you might say "La I don't know now, I might be off balance" (lol). Trust me your goals you set for the year are still on the line. Here are some pointers.

First: I just want to STOP and tell you to literally pat yourself on the back! You are doing it! You are doing the damn thing! Marching on in March (LoL). Now to anyone who thinks you haven't done anything or you are not where you want to be, rest assure to the same fact that it is only March. The most important thing is to remain or become positive. Hence the reason for this blog.

Staying On Track! *To stay on track the first and most important step is to be POSITIVE!

With-out positivity, absolutely nothing will work. It's like the engine oil for your car.

*You must also remain in the present moment while using positive energy. So effective and so powerful. * You must also be as focused as an owl on its prey. Locked tight, no break of sight. With out that kind of focus, you will be distracted.

Staying on track doesn't all ways mean *going according to plan*. Sometimes we think our journey is ruined just because we didn't stick to the "plan". Not realizing that we are still on track. Which brings me back to my second point. When you are in the *present moment you are able to see blessings unfold for you in many ways. Understanding the true flow of your own life! Knowing alignment and understanding everything has timing.

Reminder to self: I am on Track! To me that gets you back on track instantly! Just like that, the evidence might not show up until the energy is strong enough to produce. "physically"

But you declaring you on track by faith alone will put you back on track! If your are already on track, declaring more it wont hurt either.

Lastly, if you haven't already tossed, burned, buried, forgot all negativity from the past or present: now is a wonderful time to do so. No more victim mindsets, no more feelings of anger, nor fear or lack of. People who have hurt you, things that were hard to experience has made you only sharper! You are so special and have all the power to get, have, and maintain the life you want.

Stay on Track !

Until next time loves!


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