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Greetings loves!

Simple Things...

I am not new to the blogging community however I am new to this platform. I was a faithful blogger somewhere else and I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I was so excited to get people follow my blog and just ready my thoughts. I was starting to actually build an audience where I felt I had organcily built. People loving my work and wanting to follow and read more is just incredible. I mean I am always personally down to read someone elses blog, don't know why it's well (was) so shocking to have people feel the same about my work. I choose to move on due to technical reasons.

Nonetheless, proud and happy to be here. I hope to gain my true following of loves who I get to share with and more importantly connect with. I'm not some crazy looking anti-social blogger whose intentions is to stir up shit. I felt the need to bring that fact up being that a lot of people consider bloggers to be the worst type of person.... ( not my words). I truly want to have a safe place where things can be said and discussed with LOVE. To learn, express, and grow is pretty much the over goal here.

I look forward to opening up and sharing more than ever. Facing things head on while sharing every bit of truth! Exploring and staying grateful for any life changing moments between you (reading) and I. This will be great, please waist no time in subscribing. There will be plenty of surprises!

I love you all!

Until next,

Loveallbyla <3

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