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Hey Loves,

As always thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

If you are new here, Lady or Gent I welcome you.

Today, right now I want to talk about about growth- that new growth!

Not just any new growth either, the rough,dry, painful, itchy & uncomfortable new growth!

This blog is not about hair, but will serve as terms for reference sake.

According to Urban Dictionary, new growth is "Unprocessed, unaltered, hair

that grows naturally from a person's scalp."

I like that, thank you Urban Dictionary- what is life without you?

I hope you noticed the underlined word in the previous sentence.

For we naturally grow in life such as our hair does.

Now lets really break that new growth down.

Some new growth can be great.

You been keeping your "hair moisturized, doing all the proper up keep.)

Then on the flip there is that new growth where you can't or couldn't tend to.

Therefore making it rough,dry, painful, itchy & uncomfortable. Meaning...

Some-how the process the journey "life" had a mind of its own.

You had to experience new growth that changed you.

That growth you can feel and see the change.


So okay here we are with growth.

The untamed, natural growth of experiences, situations, journeys and or problems.

We find ourselves overwhelmed and consumed with all this "hair".

We sometimes have to use in life the detangle method as well.

I will talk more in depth about this concept and how you can apply it in life.

I explained one day to my homegirl Lindsey this breakdown of "being tangled"

and she loved it! Told me to blog about it.

Pretty much some problems or situations require us to section it off in parts.

You can also say as someone great recently told me Step by Step. Its a process.

So going back to detangling. Breaking down this process.

First you section off your hair in parts.

You then wet it , prep it with some kind of conditioner to soften

it before putting a comb through it.

Without a proper detangle it damages current and new natural growth of hair.

This concept alone of having tangled or untangled hair can have a

major impact on your new growth- "your future, your life"!!

So let's keep talking solutions. When its bad, we actually have a couple of options.

Wow! Note keep in mind there is always options!

You can address * that new growth" a couple of ways.

As mentioned earlier you can begin the detangle method.

In life that process goes something like this.

1.Parting and dividing your hair- Being aware of who and where you are in life.

Taking and accepting responsibility of your life.

2. Moisturize your scalp- Start with speaking positive words, thinking of good thoughts.

Also with this is saying affirmations, making time for prayer and meditation.

3. Setting your hair- Planning out your future. Loving yourself and embrace that new growth.


You can cut it all off and start over.

Now I know that can be difficult for most, sometimes however that is the only way.

I know personally I cut all my hair off. ( physically) It was about 5 years ago now.

I had however had a great take at it. I was so so excited to cut,

I couldn't cut it fast enough. I was thrilled!

I could see all the dead and "transitioned"

hair vanish before my eyes. It was so refreshing.

The same experience for others I know was be hard.

I would watch "Big chop" videos on youtube and watch girls bawl their eyes out!

Even though they wanted to cut there hair, start fresh and knew all that came with it,

to experience it was very difficult.

To see and feel apart of you die off - can be very hard!


The up to all of this is that after you handle that new growth.

After you addressed the rough,dry, painful, itchy & uncomfortable.

The beauty of the growth appears. You are now in a natural flow of

things and you will defiantly see the difference in life.

The key is to stay untangled and to up keep any "new" new growth!

Be ready for growth and embrace it.

For growth is a great thing!

Hope you all enjoyed the read, until next time!


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