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Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Here I am again with another blog. First of all, I am so happy to be where I am in life! I just turned 30 years old a few days ago, shout out to all my fellow Sagittarius. I am in preproduction of my short film/pilot that will also be my directorial debut. I am so hype and excited about all the opportunities that will come my way from now and into/all the way through 2019.

I know most of you are here due to the title. Catchy right? Well don't worry it is so worth the click. This blog I will expand a tad bit on "The Art Of Hooking Up." It won't be a long read, I will pick this up to be a series where I will interview people on their perspective on hook-ups and breaks up. (coming soon). But for now, lets just focus on the topic at hand. How it POPS off.

When you first meet someone and realize you make a connection with that person, emotions begin to awaken. You may just feel warm and fuzzy or get nervous when around that person and I'm just talking initially. One person may be more aggressive than the other, which in most cases that is the case. None the less there is a start, middle and finish when it comes to hooking up. Hence * The Art of Hooking Up* What do I mean by hook up? I'm sure some may think wam bam thank ya mam'm, might call you in the morning. But NO- I'm talking the undeniable gift of pure passion. When two energies become that one energy vibration that is uniquely set apart from anything else. When the that one vibration is felt through two beings like that never felt before is the start of hooking up.

For most when the "hooking up" process begins, a kiss would be the most approach to seal in the connection that has taken place. The occasional holding of the hands even can be a stretch for those just starting off. It can be awkward or the energy can be too much to handle. The art of hooking up doesn't actually begin when the forces have meet physically, but before that occurs so processing anything on a physical level will come with some adjustments.

Then you have those "hook ups" where it may start off like fire works! Pop! Pop! Poppin! The Art comes from the natural state of Fire!- Nah, (laughing out loud) but it comes with-out rules, for the rules write for themselves and take form of something even more profound. Examples, you see it sometimes with those couples who sit on the same side of the booth at a restaurant (guilty). Or the couples who show all the public affection with no regards of who's watching.


So what happens in the middle or in the end of hooking up? One or two things happen:

*The two become closer and build together. They are destines to be stronger.

* The two become distant and fall apart. They are destined to be weaker.

This takes place all in a course of the first interactions. That is the hook up- either your hooked or not.

The end will always play it self out accordingly to how it all began. For I was once told "how you start something is how you finish". I believe that statement and I also believe like Drake said "some of the hottest loves has the coldest ends". So it really just depends. (But all that talk is for the makes and breaks series- coming soon)

So to stay here the beauty of every hookup or every love is that they are all different.

I would love to expand more on this which is why I mentioned this will a quick read. Next time I might have talked with a friend, who will definitely have their two cents about the Art of Hooking Up. For those who have a story or feel as if they have a rule or two of the art of Hooking up- please send and share my way! :) Would love to share as well.

As always, thank you so very much for reading. Truly hope you enjoyed it.




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