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Hey Loves,

As always thank you for being here.

I'm thrilled to write this post while I explain and explore this title.


I am now more than ever convinced that you do reap what you sow.

That can be applied to the mental state of being or the physical state of being.

Meaning you are what you think, believe, as well as behave.

All things are aligned and attracted based upon you!

So what does have to do with the title? I'm glad you thought that...

If you get whatever you are tapped into, then you need to really be tapped in.

In order for things to be IN motion you must be IN! Emotionally IN which is energy in motion

Now if you are from the south I know you heard the title "expression" before.

As a kid during the family cook outs or gathering especially during the summer I was always told to choose which side to be on. Outside or inside!

Really they would say, "You either in or out"! The A/c police are is real! (lol)

I had to make a choice. (we all did)

Either reap the benefits of the outdoors which consisted playing with cousins everywhere, running to the ice cream up truck, walking to the store with an older cousin "complete freedom". However there was the heat, you couldn't shake that, shade tree with a nice breeze will help a but you still feel the heat.

The point here though, you are outside and getting accustomed to outside.Taking in all benefits and adopting to that state.

Or reap the benefits of the indoors which is the AC and television. Enough said right? I mean staying cool and be entertained all at the same time. However after a while you may get bored. It could be something boring on t.v the "adults" are watching or you are hearing all the excitement outside. You could just grow impatient and or angry. You do have A/C

The point here though, you are inside and getting accustomed to inside.Taking in all benefits and adopting to that state.

So if you are still with me lets translate scenario this into energy.

You are going to be either IN (positive) or

You are going to be Out (negative).

Either you are with good energy or bad energy.

You decide. Your choice!

You get mixed results from not choosing.

You may reap positive while you are in or reap negative when you are out...

go back and forth, you will receive accordingly.

So that's why its so important to choose.

I will share a link of a video that I just came across.

It's about manifesting what you want.

I am so heavy on this topic now, personally working on becoming wealthy.

I choose to be IN! I am positive, I do believe, and so it is.

I will keep you posted on my next blog.

Until next time,

Light & Love!


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